“Ray saved me from the incredible tax time tribulations of selling a
company, selling a house, and moving from the east coast to California. He
is extremely knowledgeable, organized, and a pleasure to do business with.”

  - Jordan Cohen, Ph D - Senior Scientist, SRI, former CTO of VoiceSignal

“Ray delivers competent, timely and usable tax and financial advice. He takes the time to listen, to gain understanding of the stated issue and then works through the details to identify all related issues that need to be addressed. Ray's success is based on his expertise, his experience and the enormous personal pride he receives from providing reliable and accurate results.”

  - Richard Oppenheim, CPA - Oppenheim Group

“I'm a richer man since I started working with Ray.”

  - Jason Putorti - Mint

“Ray's straight-forward, honest and non-judgmental style pushed the dread
and distaste of the tax system burden to the back burner. I got to focus on my businessÊwhile RayÊturned the mess into a meal that was easy for me to swallow.”

  - James P. Wagner - Jim Wagner Designs

“I initially chose to work with Ray because several friends recommended him. He has turned out to be even better than promised by taking care of my payroll taxes throughout the year as well as the year end return. Ray also does our personal taxes. He has helped us several times by doing projections to help my husband and me make decisions which have had big tax implications. We often work over the internet, saving me many miles of driving which I continue to appreciate.”

  - Dale B. Davies - Front Range Life & Health